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Authentication allows secure traceability, on line verification and authentication of products. There is a wide array of Security Solutions Providers offering numerous technologies in a wide range of prices. Find out who they are, where they are being used and what results have been achieved with them.



Security Solution Technology: QR Code
Industries: Pharma & Drugs
Country / Region: Germany


  • Identity

    A traceability solution for the textile sector in general and for the outdoor industry in particular, allows for the tracking and tracing of garments and confirms that a garment is authentic. The IDENTITY technology is based on unique serial numbers expressed in an individualized QR code. The unique identifier encompasses all the traceable garment components specified by the brand.

    A consumer who scans the QR code on the hangtag or textile care label can track each component of the garment, including its origin, its consumer labels certifications, the manufacturing person and date. The system allows brand owners the possibility to guarantee full product accountability and authenticity from fibre to retail store. TRACEKEY’s solutions are interfaced with the World Customs Organization’s (WCO) IPM network.

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

    Generates unique digital identities for products, providing evidence of all steps in the goods’ lifecycle. By default, the code generation and provisioning is centrally organized for each tenant and orders are transmitted and received via standard interfaces (EDIfact, iDoc, or xml, doc, html or user default).

    Such information is subsequently stored in a secured dossier. This system has already been implemented by different industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals and textiles, to food and the automotive industry. In the pharmaceutical sector, TRACEKEY provides specialized services to respond to governmental demands for drugs traceability, while in the textile and consumer-orientated industries, the company offers anti counterfeiting systems, recall management and also customer loyalty programs.

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About Tracekey

Tracekey solutions GmbH develops and runs industry specific serialization solutions with focus on the pharmaceutical industry. Our major goal is full transparency of our customer´s supply chain.

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