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Authentication allows secure traceability, on line verification and authentication of products. There is a wide array of Security Solutions Providers offering numerous technologies in a wide range of prices. Find out who they are, where they are being used and what results have been achieved with them.

Security Solution Technology: NFC , RFID
Industries: Food & Beverages , Others
Country / Region: Luxembourg


  • Anti-counterfeit NFC solution

    Authentication solution combined with NFC and a mobile application.

Results & References

We are member of the AIPIA.

We made a lot of B2B contact all over Europa. Our first goal was to inform producer about the counterfeit reality of the market and talked about our innovative solution to protect their goods and products. Our solution is ready to use and offer an off-line authentication based on a strong PKI’s infrastructure.

We made our application server HackerProof by Comodo.

A great deal of security measure has been put in place around the encryption of the NFC’s tag to ensure integrity, confidentiality and planned destination of products that have the technology.

Our Tag is tamper resistant with different technology from micro-cut to fine thickness layer and specific type of glue.

Our systemic analyse of the authentication process with the reporting on our application server give us an option to revoke tags from the valid authenticate product list.

From our B2B contact lots of them where really interested in our presentation by the fact our solution can be used anywhere, by everyone who own a smartphone Android with NFC. Once again the all authentication process occur off-line.

In the Luxe business some of the potential client would argue that is necessary for Apple to release quickly the SDK NFC for developer to allow a full market expansion of our solution to all customer with an Iphone IOS or Android.

We are ready to develop our mobile solution in all the available platform.

By observing the known case about NFC hack we did improve our process of clone detection. We follow the technologic evolution to always try to be using the proven technics and method to ensure security.

Our weekly PCI scan ensure that our server and the application stay hackerproof from the access point of view.

Our reporting of the server give us a clear view of the security update that had to make in order to stay a head of the security hole.

With our tags it is not possible to remove them without destroying them or in other option we have opening detection (ex.: for liquid container) that allow reading after opening also.


Fresh, dynamic and independent. focuses on NFC and RFID technology and its security.

We offer solutions and services that use these 2 technologies to help improve interaction between people and digital information in different sectors, such as authentication, security, traceability, direct marketing, etc.

We develop an off-line solution that combats the counterfeit goods by putting the customer in the process. 

Contact Information

Heinercsheid (Headquarters)

Etablie à 1, Hauptstrooss
L-9753 Heinercsheid

Tel. +352 269 086 58

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