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Authentication allows secure traceability, on line verification and authentication of products. There is a wide array of Security Solutions Providers offering numerous technologies in a wide range of prices. Find out who they are, where they are being used and what results have been achieved with them.

tesa scribos

tesa scribos

Security Solution Technology: QR Code
Country / Region: Germany


  • tesa PrioSpot®

    With tesa PrioSpot®, each individual product is assigned a uniquely generated code that can also be used for product tracing. This makes it possible to check both the authenticity and authorised distribution of the product. tesa PrioSpot® is a polymer label containing various visible and hidden security features. Each PrioSpot® security label is inscribed on up to seven different visible and hidden verification levels simultaneously. Some of these features are clearly visible, other features are covert and can only be seen using a special reading device. As each tesa PrioSpot® contains an individual code that is directly connected to one single article, each product is given a unique identity and can be protected and verified reliably. Since only tesa scribos® is in possession of the special inscribing technology, the labeling cannot be reproduced, neither using printing techniques nor holographic technology, and is therefore highly secure.

  • tesa VeoMark®

    tesa VeoMark® offers efficient counterfeit protection with clearly visible, item-unique coded labels. Each tesa VeoMark® is inscribed individually using the tesa VeoMark® imaging technology. Like this each product is given its own identity, so to speak, just like a passport. The security code, unique to each article, is inscribed on the security label and inseparably linked to it.

  • tesa® connect & check

    tesa scribos® provides a combination of brand protection and interactive online verification. Consumers, retailers and investigators can verify the authenticity of a product by themselves at any time. tesa® connect & check is based on the tesa scribos® security solutions such as tesa PrioSpot® or tesa VeoMark®.

  • tesa® trust & trace

    The tesa® trust & trace technology combines a physically secure product coding system with leading-edge track & trace systems. It allows highly efficient product tracing as well as logistics and brand protection using detailed, reliable data. Through the tesa® trust & trace system brand owners are able to prevent counterfeiting and trade on the grey market and to optimise distribution processes at the same time.

  • tesa® SecuritySealing

    tesa® SecuritySealing offers a broad range of adhesive security tapes and security labels for product and transport packaging, reusable containers and pallet cages. An optical effect when items are first opened provides proof of unauthorised opening or tampering.

  • Individual Combinations of tesa scribos® Technologies

    One key focus of tesa scribos® lies on strategic consulting. Every customer and every product has individual needs that have to be considered to find the optimum solution for every requirement. The security technologies of tesa scribos® can be customized regarding security features as well as regarding the design. A customer-specific combination of different technologies is the key to a reliable security solution.

Results & References

tesa scribos

Customers of tesa scribos® include leading global companies such as Bosch, Castel, Continental Aftermarket, Danfoss, Mammut, Motor Service International (MSI) and Sennheiser. tesa scribos® solutions include tesa PrioSpot®, tesa VeoMark®, tesa® connect & check, tesa® trust & trace and tesa® SecuritySealing. To even more effectively fight counterfeit and grey market trading, tesa scribos® joined the World Customs Organization (WCO) and is also connected to their Interface Public Members (IPM) anti-counterfeiting program. Through the connection between the tesa scribos® solutions and the WCO’s online tool, customs officers get essential information that enable them to distinguish between genuine and fake products.

About tesa scribos

tesa scribos® offers a comprehensive customer advisory service, practicable security concepts and effective protection technologies for manufacturers of original products. With a focus on strategic consulting tesa scribos® develops customer-specific solutions for all kinds of markets and products such as spare car parts, electronic components and consumer electronics, wine and spirits, chemicals, luxury goods, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Contact Information

Heidelberg (Headquarters)

Sickingenstrasse 65
69126 Heidelberg

Tel.: +49 6221-33507-17

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