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Authentication allows secure traceability, on line verification and authentication of products. There is a wide array of Security Solutions Providers offering numerous technologies in a wide range of prices. Find out who they are, where they are being used and what results have been achieved with them.



Security Solution Technology: RFID


Industries: Forgery , Others , Vehicles
Country / Region: France


  • OpticalSmart™ Label

    At the convergence between the physical and the digital worlds, SURYS has developed a new generation of security label-based Smartphone authentication systems:

    OpticalSmart™ Labels offer:
    - An easy visual authentication combining the 3 levels of controls:
    - Overt: very bright, visible and robust optical diffraction effects
    - Covert: permutation of contrast appears when a polarizing filter is applied on the label
    - Forensic: micro and nano image

    Reliable Smartphone authentication combining optical features checks and added invisible security recognition.

  • Optokey™

    Developed to be applied directly on a product or a document. They combine overt, covert and forensic security levels.They present an additional outstanding second level security feature: automated authentication functionality, readable with a Smartphone. The application – working in tandem with a magnifier adds on the Smartphone (iPhone or Android) – captures simultaneousely optical readdable feature and the encrypted data matrix, recognizes and authenticates the label. The Optokey™ allow connectivity only for optically verified genuine items.

Results & References


Our R&D teams are backed by long-standing partnerships with top European research institutes for scientific developments.

Some of our references:

Philippines, Ukraine, Belgium, Slovenia, Bangladesh, France, Egypt, Mexico...

Brazilian 100 Real, Philippines 500 and 1000 Peso, Polish commemorative banknote 20 zloty...

Poland, Morocco, France...

Smurf, Federal Mogul, Hennessy...


Global reference in the field of security, SURYS offers a meticulously crafted range of optical and digital solutions to authenticate and track & trace documents and products. Trustily selected by governments, central banks and corporations, SURYS provides highly innovative security solutions in over 110 countries.

With its subsidiaries in USA, Germany and Netherlands and its 400 employees worldwide, SURYS is well-known in the field of Identity, Banknotes, Vehicles, Brands & Products providing a whole spectrum of solutions complying with the highest security standards.

Contact Information

Marne-la Vallée Cedex (Headquarters)

Parc d’Activités Gustave Eiffel
22, avenue de l’Europe
77607 Marne-la Vallée Cedex 3

Tel. +33 1 64 76 31 00

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