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Authentication allows secure traceability, on line verification and authentication of products. There is a wide array of Security Solutions Providers offering numerous technologies in a wide range of prices. Find out who they are, where they are being used and what results have been achieved with them.



Security Solution Technology: QR Code , Stamp , NFC , RFID
Country / Region: Austria


  • Physical product protection – SECURITY SEALS

    SECURIKETT® provides a wide range of custom designed security seals to protect products physically e.g. from unauthorized opening. The portfolio includes

    - Seals for folding boxes
    - Seals for bottles
    - Seals for plastic and metal containers
    - Seals for shipping cartons
    - Labels for identification and logistics
    - Tamper resistant product marking
    - Authentication labels
    - Fashion labels and tags

    These security seals and labels fulfil the following requirements, depending on their design:


    - The original is identifiable at the moment of purchasing
    - Indication of first opening, respectively tampering or manipulation (e.g. to avoid refill)
    - User friendly and easy to open
    - Consumer level authentication features are easily communicated, simple to identify, recognize and understand.
    - The authentication measures increases trust in the brand and enhance brand value perception
    - When Codes are used, they are easy to scan using a scanner or mobile app


    - Secure against copying
    - Innovative and value adding
    - Visual appearance in line with brand corporate design expectations
    - Controlled and secure production and distribution of the authentication labels
    - Fulfils requirements of different parties inside and outside the organization
    - Sequential or unpredictable series of codes
    - Intelligent numbering and coding scheme


    - Resistant against manipulation, tampering and replacement
    - Difficult up to impossible to copy or mimic the labels as it is difficult for fraudsters to understand all security features
    - Not available to fraudsters

    THE TECHNOLOGY IS BASED on a choice of overt and covert security features such as

    - Tamper evidence: proprietary VOID effect leads to a distinct irreversible color change upon manipulation or removal (one or multi-colored).
    - One or multi-film layer constructions
    - Customized security holograms (image or wallpaper design, metallic or transparent)
    - Special inks (e.g. color shifting, luminescent, IR)
    - Covert particles for identification by special equipment (taggants and markers)
    - Colors range from transparent to translucent or opaque. Transparent and translucent versions leave printed information on the packaging readable.
    - Digital printing of any variable information (e.g. codes or numbers), overt or concealed, into any layer of the label.

  • Digital product protection - CODIKETT®

    CODIKETT® is a comprehensive, web-based software solution to generate truly unique, unpredictable codes enabling secure product serialization and online verification for end-users.

    Main features:

    - Scalable, secure and fast code generation (serialisation)
    - Guaranteed uniqueness and unpredictability of the code by means of encryption
    - Code carrier (on/in the label) options: QR-code, DataMatrix-code, RFID, NFC
    - Online verification both for customers and specified user groups
    - Extensive data analyses of all registered commodity flows and recipients (1st to nth recipient)
    - Real time identification of grey market activities
    - Track & trace and supply chain monitoring
    - Dynamic end customer communication and possibilities for end-to-end marketing
    - Operation in an ISO-certified data centre with maximum possible availability

    CODIKETT® is compatible with the GS1 standard, so that the CODIKETT®-Code can be directly integrated into the GS1 DataMatrix-Code (also known as code-in-code).

    The associated gateway MILLEPEDIA® allows for interoperability in all standard formats.

    SECURIKETT® offers several options – standard, professional and enterprise - for using and integrating CODIKETT®. It can thus be started easily and quickly, and later be expanded step by step up to the highest level, as and when required.

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Retaining brand integrity starts with a solid strategy to ensure that legitimate wholesalers as well as consumers receive the original product they intended to buy.

SECURIKETT®'s holistic concept of the all-in-one sealing and identification system contributes to an overall brand integrity strategy. It supports consumers' trust in the value and genuineness of the product. The originally sealed packaging assures that the content has not been replaced by fraudsters and counterfeits are deterred.

At the same time, the SECURIKETT® solution helps brand managers to better monitor and gain more control over their supply chain and provides them directly with market intelligence information. Unauthorized supply chains are easily detected by the use of SECURIKETT®'s track & trace solution and illegal intermediaries can be shut down.


SECURIKETT® is member of:

- EAASM - European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines
- ACG - Anti-Counterfeiting Group
- - the study group product and know-how protection (AG protect) within the VDMA
- IPM-tool, the WCO (World Customs Organization) multi portal approach
- GS1 Solution Partner

SECURIKETT® is engaged in ISO standardization processes.


SECURIKETT® is a leading provider of physical and digital security solutions to protect original and brand products and detect illicit trade. The products and services of SECURIKETT® are unique by their tailor made and layered security concept.

SECURIKETT® provides proof of origin by its One-Stop-Shop concept - tamper evidence against manipulation or reuse, rapid and definite means of authentication, as well as traceability and identification by unique codes. Main technologies are being developed in house and are patent protected. The range of products includes seals for folding boxes and shipping cartons, labels for identification and logistics, product labels and fashion hang tags. Everything can be connected to our track & trace system CODIKETT®.

SECURIKETT® solutions are found in the luxury, spirits, pharmaceutical, technical and automotive industry, as well as in many other industries. SECURIKETT® is supplying to more than 35 countries worldwide.

Contact Information

Wiener Neudorf (Headquarters)

IZ-NOE Sued, Strasse 10, Objekt 48
A – 2355 Wiener Neudorf

Tel. +43 2236 677 925-0

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