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Security Solution Technology: QR Code
Industries: Others
Country / Region: Switzerland


  • ScanTrust Secure Codes

    The ScanTrust secure codes can be used to:
    - authenticate products and protecting brand owners from the counterfeit market,
    - track and trace products throughout the supply chain by multiple stakeholders, as well as
    - enable direct interactions with consumers in an 'offline-to-online' digital format.

    The QR codes can be scanned using mobile devices and the authenticity of which can be quickly verified using dedicated mobile applications by ScanTrust. Once a Secure QR Code has been scanned, the software will provide a real-time response to the user in the field concerning the authenticity of the product. The scan data is then captured and immediately visualized on the cloud software, from which brand owners will be able to track movements of the goods as they proceed through the supply and distribution chain. When the ScanTrust application is used by an end consumer, the scan acts as a trigger to drive a direct, secure engagement between the brand owner and the consumer at or post the point of sale in a mobile environment. Brand owners will be able to gain useful insights into consumers over time, allowing them to market directly to their customers as a result.

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About ScanTrust

ScanTrust was incorporated in January 2014 as a Swiss SA, and is headquartered in the Innovation Park of EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland. The headquarter is where the research and development of the core technology takes place. ScanTrust also has a sales and product development office in Shanghai, China, strategically located to drive commercialization in Asia. Since its inception, the Company has made significant progress in taking its initial business idea to building a strong management team and a viable business model based on market feedback. Furthermore, ScanTrust has continued to refine its technology and developed a robust software solution that has received market validation.

The ScanTrust core leadership team has a combined 40 years of experience in creating anti- counterfeiting technology, international sales and business development, and building the largest B2B retail, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) supply chain platform in China. The Company's founder and CEO/CTO, Dr. Justin Picard, is a recognized leader and pioneer in the anti-counterfeiting technology industry. Justin holds over 20 patents and has invented a number of secure graphics solutions that are used to secure billions of consumer products and documents around the world. Justin was involved as a Technology Pioneer at the World Economic Forum, and served for 5 years on the WEF Global Agenda Council on Illicit Trade. He is also a Network Member of Global Initiative against Transnational Organized Crime, and a member of the OECD Task Force on Illicit Trade. In addition, both Nathan J. Anderson (Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer) and Tobias Kars (Vice President of Product Development) have extensive business and product development experience, respectively, in China, which remains a primary target market for the deployment of the ScanTrust solution. 

Contact Information

Lausanne (Headquarters)

EPFL, Innovation Park PSE-D
1015 Lausanne

Tel. +41 22575 3855


Level 7
77 JiangNing Lu

Tel. +86 21 6199 8007


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