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Authentication allows secure traceability, on line verification and authentication of products. There is a wide array of Security Solutions Providers offering numerous technologies in a wide range of prices. Find out who they are, where they are being used and what results have been achieved with them.



Security Solution Technology: QR Code
Industries: Food & Beverages , Forgery
Country / Region: France


  • ShiningFlakes

    It’s a completely new technology, very simple to implement and cost effective. There is no available method to reproduce these security devices. The patent has already been delivered in the USA and will be in other countries. Shining Flakes mixed randomly in a transparent varnish is the unique signature of each security device.

    This signature is printed anywhere on the product, e.g. below the code. Strong authentication is done with a standard smartphone.

    Several acquisitions are made within seconds to catch the signature, which is compared to the one stored in the Authentication Database

  • Stickers

    Our stickers get automatically destroyed when anyone attempts to remove them from the original product, packaging or document. The range comprises a large variety of products, including rolls and sheets of stamps.

  • Wine capsules

    One of our Recommended Suppliers proposes capsules containing shining flakes. blank capsules, that are ready to be customized according to your needs, or any type of other finalized products.

  • Reams of coded paper

    Each page comprises a PopimsCode that is already enlisted, ready to be integrated in a database. The basic product is blank, ready to be customized by any office printer, but our recommended converters are at your disposal to deliver customized letterheads.

  • Bracelets

    Easy to attach through buttonholes, this bracelet will protect textile and many other products when there is a hole. It can be removed very easily by cutting the rope, ore even easier by detaching the transparent plate from the PopimsCode signature, which will definitely destroy it.

  • Plastic Cards

    Two different type of blank cards are available: cards containing only the signature, for customers wishing to print themselves the Identifier of their choice, and pre-enlisted and ready to use cards blank containing the complete PopimsCode device. All our blank cards may be customized using any standard plastic card printer.

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About PopimsCode

Our clients may develop the whole service internally, and choose freely their integrators, their converters or other PopimsCode manufacturers, and all their suppliers. We want them to benefit of all supplier’s competition.

We license integrators who design and market their own services worldwide. Some are granted exclusive rights for product or document categories and countries.
Our revenue is exclusively the royalties paid by final clients and integrators, that include the use of the technology, of our free smartphone applications, and of our switchboards, in charge of transmitting authentication queries to our clients servers.

We believe all market information belongs exclusively to our final clients, and of course do not market any kind of big data.

Police and customs organization of all democratic states may be given for free PopimsCode Application SDK that they may integrate in their own applications. Recommended suppliers may propose additional devices for codes acquisition or printing.

Contact Information

Paris (Headquarters)

14 rue de Saint Senoch
75017 Paris

Tel. +33 6 14 63 93 36
Email. (Franck Guigan - CEO)

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