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Security Solution Technology: Hologram
Country / Region: Czech Republic


  • Holographic Hot-stamping Foil

    This foil is designed for machine application onto a variety of substrates paper or plastic both as a single image or continuous stripe. It is applied using heat and pressure (hot stamping). After application, the holographic image cannot be removed from the substrate without leaving visible signs of tampering.

  • OVDot Paper

    Optaglio presents a unique anti-counterfeit solution preventing counterfeiting of security documents by using OVDot® within the paper structure itself, to safeguard the authenticity of the documents.

  • OVMesh

    OVMesh™ is a metallic holographic microsystem for protection of polycarbonate documents (E-passports, ID cards, driving licenses, health cards, entrance cards) against counterfeit. 

  • Self-adhesive holographic label

    Optaglio supplies two types of holographic labels - standard and tamper evident. Standard self-adhesive labels can be removed and replaced to different place. Tamper evident self-adhesive labels - the hologram or part of it remains on the substrate, the remaining part of the hologram is removed.

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About Optaglio

At Optaglio we implement cutting edge technology to protect the income of our customers. Our philosophy is to provide high-end security solutions for protection of goods and documents for everyday life. We believe that the innovative approach and constant development are the key factors influencing the success of our products.

Contact Information

Hampshire (Headquarters)

Basepoint Business Center
Caxton Close, East Portway Industrial Estate
Andover , SP10 3FG
United Kingdom

Tel. +44 1264 336 510
Fax. +44 1264 361 621


Obora 20
267 23 Lochovice
Czech Republic

Tel. +420 311 444 900
Fax. +420 311 440 905

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