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Authentication allows secure traceability, on line verification and authentication of products. There is a wide array of Security Solutions Providers offering numerous technologies in a wide range of prices. Find out who they are, where they are being used and what results have been achieved with them.

nano4U AG

nano4U AG

Security Solution Technology: Hologram , Serial Code
Country / Region: Switzerland


  • Plastic product or packaging authentication. “Holomold”

    Verifiable overt or covert security features are molded into the surface of the plastic product or packaging during production directly from specially nano-structured hardened steel tooling.

    Technology: Proprietary multi-step holographic origination and structuring methods for hardened steel.

    Industries: Medical devices, automotive, consumer electronics, food & drink, fashion, pharmaceutical packaging.

  • Track & trace and authentication of glass products.

    Laser-written 3D codes are created inside glass and read using a high-speed, extremely high-resolution 3D scanner.

    Technology: Industrial laser marking and 3D scanning of glass.

    Industries: Pharmaceutical syringes and vials. Liquid high-value products packaged in glass.

  • Authentication of pharmaceutical blister packs.

    Tablets are scanned inside blister packs and verified against the blister using cryptographic security linked to serialisation.

    Technology: High-speed 3D scanning and cryptographic security.

    Industry: Pharmaceutical. Possible applications in food, medical, and automotive.

  • Authentication of individual pharmaceutical tablets.

    Pharmaceutical tablets are scanned using a high-speed 3D scanner and security data information is directly read from the tablets themselves.

    Technology: High speed 3D scanning and micro-structuring of materials.

    Industry: Pharmaceutical. Possible applications in food, medical, and automotive.

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nano4U AG

About nano4U AG

Nano4U provides security authentication solutions for products and packaging without changing existing production processes and without using any additional materials. Technologies provided are suited to mass-production and allow multi-level security including machine readable overt or covert coding and special visualisation methods. Injection molded holograms, pharmaceutical security methods and secure 3D coding are part of Nano4U’s authentication solutions portfolio.

Contact Information

Sarnen (Headquarters)

Brünigstrasse 135
CH-6060 Sarnen

Tel. +41 41 248 08 28

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