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Security Solution Technology: QR Code , Serial Code , RFID
Industries: Pharma & Drugs
Country / Region: Turkey


  • Turkish "Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System"

    The Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System (ITS) generally operates according to the principles stated below:
    - The printing of DataMatrix onto every drug unit produced or imported,
    - Providing the tracking and tracing of drug units with DataMatrix,
    - The sharing of XML files that include the hierarchical relation between the transportation unit and the drug units among the stakeholders through the Package Transfer System.
    - The notification of action types of the drug units and their DataMatrix information to ITS through web services.

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About ITS

The Turkish "Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System" (abbreviated as ITS) defines the infrastructure constructed to track and trace all units belonging to each pharmaceutical product in Turkey. ITS is the application of the well-known “Track & Trace” structure applied to the pharmaceutical industry. The serialization providing the uniqueness of the units is ensured by the DataMatrix code instead of formerly used barcode. The ability to track each drug unit is provided by gathering the information of each unit in every single step and action; and traceability is provided by its pedigree.

Contact Information

Ankara (Headquarters)

Mustafa Kemal Mah.
Dumlupınar Bulvarı
No:280 E Blok 2/A
Çankaya, Ankara

Tel. +90 (312) 354 98 68
Fax. +90 (312) 354 98 78

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