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Authentication allows secure traceability, on line verification and authentication of products. There is a wide array of Security Solutions Providers offering numerous technologies in a wide range of prices. Find out who they are, where they are being used and what results have been achieved with them.



Security Solution Technology: Hologram , QR Code , Security Ink
Country / Region: Hungary



    Fakeguard is a new technology solution against counterfeiting that uses an effective approach other than the conventional packaging and printing systems that can easily be copied. Any product can be secured by attaching a QR code sticker to the product. (Sticker supplied by Fakeguard).

    Only a QR code reader app on your mobile device is needed to check the authenticity of the products.

Results & References



Under arrangement with WCO and GS1 Hungary


A new security seal is under production for a leader company.


Our journey started 15 years ago when our team started building software. Our company has grown progressively with devotion and diligence to make a difference in developing business processes and technologies. We understand how hard it is to build a company, a name, a brand. It might take years or decades. Fakeguard’s mission is to protect your brand, your products, and your customers. Counterfeiters do not respect your hard work and efforts. They destroy your brand by making cheap imitations of your products that will ruin your reputation. Hence, we took the first step to protect your products and developed Fakeguard. It’s time to take the next step for securing the future of your brand.

Contact Information

Budapest (Headquarters)

1118 Budapest. Ugron Gábor u. 28.

Tel. +36 1 319 5245 / +36 20 250 0082
Fax. +36 1 319 2017


Zürcherstrasse 161
8010 Zürich

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