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Authentication allows secure traceability, on line verification and authentication of products. There is a wide array of Security Solutions Providers offering numerous technologies in a wide range of prices. Find out who they are, where they are being used and what results have been achieved with them.

Authentix, Inc.

Authentix, Inc.

Security Solution Technology: Security Ink , Spectrometer
Country / Region: United States


  • Sherlox™

    Authentix is the only solutions provider that can authenticate products and their packaging in the field. With this beginning-to-end approach, Authentix provides integrated programs that enable manufacturers to protect their products in complex supply and distribution chains.

    Sherlox is built on Authentix’ core capabilities: chemical markers and readers, the AXIS® Information System, and Authentix Services. Authentix reader and cloud technology enable instantaneous in-field authentication and mobile connectivity delivering brand insights directly to a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Brand investigators can now quickly assemble reports and data to more quickly take action against counterfeit activity.

  • Vigilant™

    Illicit trade in refined fuels can be substantially reduced by implementing a fuel marking program in partnership with a national government’s strong enforcement regime.

    Vigilant, an Authentix Fuel Marking Program, effectively combats fuel adulteration, dilution and smuggling. To prevent these illegal and potentially harmful activities, Authentix designs a custom-tailored solution including proprietary fuel markers and analyzers unique to each program. With Vigilant, Authentix helps ensure fuel products sold in-country are from legitimate sources, of good quality, and are not harming local economies or the environment.

    Vigilant is built on Authentix’ core capabilities: chemical markers and analyzers, the AXIS® Information System, and Authentix Services.

  • Assure™

    Assure is a brand protection fuel marking program that can help deliver on your brand promise to customers and verifies the additive levels in the product sold under your name. Whether you have concern about the retailers engaging in grade switching or your terminal network needs oversight, an Assure fuel marking program will provide peace of mind.

    Assure™, an Authentix Fuel Marking Program for Brands, helps an oil marketing company attain and maintain its revenue targets for branded and differentiated fuels by illuminating the supply chain to definitively identify the opportunistic and fraudulent dilution, as well as systemic quality problems which arise at distribution terminals.

    Assure is built on Authentix’ core capabilities: chemical markers and analyzers, the AXIS® Information System, and Authentix Services.

  • Jewel™

    Jewel is Authentix’ Level 3 currency security offering, including optical markers that can be integrated into ink, varnish or the substrate paired with sensors that can reliably detect the presence of the security features.

    Level 3 machine readable features are the ultimate safeguard in banknote security. Based upon advanced, secret and highly robust technologies, they are for the sole use of the Central Bank. The advanced materials and sensor technologies are combined in a tightly controlled supply chain and manufacturing process to assure that replication is next to impossible.

    Jewel is built on Authentix’ core capabilities: chemical markers and sensors and Authentix Services.

Results & References

Authentix, Inc.


Authentix has strong partnerships in the Currency industry. Currently, five (5) currency industry organizations have completed the Jewel Certification program. Jewel Certification enables industry suppliers to become more familiar with the design and incorporation of Jewel into the banknote. As part of the process Authentix transfers best practices in the handling, use and quality checks of the feature. Support for a trial to demonstrate incorporation into the ink, varnish, substrate, or finished banknote is also provided.

Accredited and certified partners include respected names in banknote security such as Landqart AG, PNO Global, Royal Joh. Enschedé and Arjowiggins Security. Although Authentix will support all industry suppliers in meeting a Central Bank’s specification for the incorporation of Jewel, Certified partners are uniquely positioned to support the Central Bank’s needs with established competency in print trials and marketing the offering.

Actions & Results


Counterfeit copies of a major pharmaceutical brand were discovered in the US market. With no security measures in place to allow patients or inspectors to readily distinguish authentic from counterfeit goods, both patient welfare and the manufacturer’s reputation were under threat. Given such risks, the $1 billion of authentic product, which was in the distribution pipeline, could not be sold without some means of allowing patients and retailers to verify that the product was authentic.

The product was repackaged to include a variety of authentication features that could be identified by patients and inspectors, both in the field and in the laboratory. These included:
- Overt color-shifting ink that could be readily distinguished by patients
- Covert, machine-readable inks that that can be detected by inspection staff with appropriate readers in the field
- Forensic markers that can only be detected under laboratory analysis

The printed solutions were applied to packaging, labels and other components using a variety of printing methods. Moreover, the solution was developed by Authentix and approved by the customer and the FDA within four weeks.

The strategic solution provided a secure means of distinguishing authentic from counterfeit goods, thereby restoring confidence in the brand among physicians, pharmacists and patients. The manufacturer was able to mitigate the risk of potential lawsuits. Furthermore, the $1 billion of product frozen within the supply chain was released for sale and the expense of a full product recall was averted.


A country in Central Europe was experiencing a decline in the sale of taxable diesel and petrol over a period of several years, while the number of vehicles and fuel stations increased annually. It was estimated that at least 37% of diesel sold in the country was not sold through legal wholesale channels. Due to this extensive smuggling problem, the government estimated their tax revenue losses to be in excess of €60 million, with some experts estimating as high as €100 million annually.

A state consortium was created to combat the fuel smuggling issue. The government established legislation and standards to support and authorize a Fuel Marking Program. Authentix created a robust, layered testing model including field and forensic laboratory testing.

The layered solution included:
- A quantitative (measurable) covert marker
- A qualitative (yes / no) covert marker
- Easy-to-use field analyzers deployed in a field inspection system
- Forensic testing and chain-of-custody procedures for legal case management support

As a result of the comprehensive fuel marking program was a benefit to both the government and the fuel marketers in the country. The fuel marketers garnered additional revenue from an 18% increase in diesel sales volume and a 14% percent increase in petrol volume while the government recovered the additional tax revenue. In the first year of the program, a total of €139 million in excise taxes were recovered. The program has been a success in the country since 2014.


A market-leading oil marketing company in the Philippines needed to prove that a retailer was not selling the company’s fuel but was using the valuable corporate brand.
Authentix created a layered marking program using covert and forensic markers to be added to the company’s national fuel supply. Fuel sampling was done using a court-defensible chain-of-custody process combined with forensic laboratory testing.

A Philippines court convicted the fraudulent fuel dealer.


Counterfeiting put one of the world’s largest economies at risk when rates reached nearly 300 counterfeits per million notes. The primary target was one of the most frequently transacted denominations. In response, the Central Bank was tasked with upgrading security mid-series without disrupting commercial detection devices.

To increase the banknote’s security, the Central Bank needed to add a flexible Level 3 machine readable security feature — one compatible with both paper and polymer banknotes and capable of integrating seamlessly within the existing design. Implementation flexibility was the primary criterion, which is why the bank chose Authentix to implement the most flexible Level 3 security solution in the industry, Jewel™.

Authentix integrated the Jewel feature into the banknote via two different print methods, overprint varnish and offset, to cover all denominations. On-press as well as offline QC devices were installed at the printworks to support the Central Bank’s robust quality program. Authentix provided high speed sensors for the bank’s single note inspection systems (BPS 2000) and their M7 cash processing systems.

The bank’s response strategy reduced counterfeit rates tenfold. Jewel not only increased the banknote’s security but also lowered the cost of its Level 3 protection. Counterfeit rates continue to steadily decrease as the bank marks more than a billion notes per year with Jewel.

About Authentix, Inc.

Authentix, a leading global authentication and information services company, assists customers in combating illicit trade and managing the integrity of their global supply chains. With comprehensive end-to-end authentication solutions we help safeguard customers in refined fuels (e.g. gasoline, diesel, lubes, and LPG) and branded products (e.g. pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and spirits industries) from counterfeiting, product theft, product diversion, and adulteration. In addition, we help protect currencies for many leading central banks.

Authentix has marked over 1.5 trillion liters of fuel for both major oil marketing companies (OMCs) and state-owned oil companies and recovered billions in lost excise tax revenue for governments around the world. Our brand protection programs are trusted by seven of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies and our banknote security solutions protect currencies in North America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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