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Authentication allows secure traceability, on line verification and authentication of products. There is a wide array of Security Solutions Providers offering numerous technologies in a wide range of prices. Find out who they are, where they are being used and what results have been achieved with them.

Authentic Vision

Authentic Vision

Security Solution Technology: Hologram , QR Code
Industries: Food & Beverages , Forgery
Country / Region: Austria


  • Unique Label

    The Authentic Vision Unique Label is the core component of the solution, enabling a high level of security based on a random hologram & encrypted QR code using online authentication. During the production process, the label is attached to the product or directly integrated into the product or packaging. The security features of the unique label can be authenticated with a standard smartphone or any device with a camera and internet access.

    Encrypted QR Code: The QR code is delivered encrypted and is part of the online authentication process. Authentic Vision generates a unique ID with each QR code supporting the online authentication process. In order to support clients’ requirements, the QR code can be customized in terms of color coding to represent the client’s corporate identity guidelines. Besides the standard feature of pointing the end customer to the respective app store in order to download the Authentic Vision app, it is part of the customization process to potentially lead customers to the client’s app with integrated authentication features provided by Authentic Vision.

    Hologram: Usually holograms look the same on every single product. This is necessary to enable end customers to visually authenticate a hologram and therefore the product. As this is not the level of security Authentic Vision aims for, the hologram placed in Authentic Vision’s label in combination with the encrypted QR code is unique. This is achieved by adding random hologram pieces to the label, which are recognized as authentic by Authentic Vision’s online verification process. This step is an integrated part of the label production and it is therefore almost impossible to reproduce the label.

    Label medium: The encrypted QR Code, including the unique hologram, is placed on the so-called label medium. Within the standard solution the label medium is essentially a sticker including a coating for protection purposes. The sticker is available as a standard version as well as a void version for sealing purposes. Authentic Vision also offers clients specific customized solutions, such as washable direct package integration, which can be product specific. The details of such solutions require in-depth analysis of client requirements and therefore are often a topic for discussion during contract negotiations. 

  • CheckifReal App

    In order to support you and your customers with the ease expected from smartphones, the visual authentication through the application is powered by a unique visual recognition software, enabling the user to differentiate between Authentic Vision labels and counterfeit labels such as photocopies.

    Correct labels are cross-checked with Authentic Vision’s database to guarantee true authenticity to customers, authorities and industry users.

    White Label application: Besides the standard version of the Authentic Vision branded smartphone app, Authentic Vision offers the possibility of a branded version of the application designed according to your CI guidelines.

    Plug-In for your App: A plug-in for your app is available, enabling you to integrate the functionalities of Authentic Vision’s standard CheckifReal app.


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Authentic Vision

About Authentic Vision

Authentic Vision, an Austrian based Company located in Salzburg, offers a secure, simple and smart mobile authentication solution. The company provides highly secure and innovative ways for brands to engage with their customers, including brand protection. The solution is based on irreproducible tags, a smartphone app and a business intelligence portal.

Authentic Vision holds several patents and is cooperating closely with universities and the world's leading security printing companies to stay abreast of the latest developments in the fields of brand protection and consumer engagement.

Contact Information

Salzburg (Headquarters)

Josef-Mayburger-Kai 114/10
5020 Salzburg

Tel. +43 720 98 44 60

San Francisco

1005 Market St, Suite 210
San Francisco
CA 94103

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