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Authentication allows secure traceability, on line verification and authentication of products. There is a wide array of Security Solutions Providers offering numerous technologies in a wide range of prices. Find out who they are, where they are being used and what results have been achieved with them.

Arjo Solutions

Arjo Solutions

Security Solution Technology: Finger Print , Security Ink
Country / Region: France


  • Signoptic®

    Signoptic® is a patented technology based on a vision system converting the product material (fingerprint) into a unique signature using a proprietary algorithm. Thanks to the uniqueness of the product material, Signoptic® is a solution that enables both identification and authentication of the product at unit level.

    Signoptic®does not add anything to the product; it is invisible and cannot be duplicated. Signoptic is the strongest solution on the market to protect packaging and products against parallel markets.

  • SAFE (Signoptic® Authentication For EveryOne)

    SAFE (Signoptic® Authentication For Everyone) is a smartphone application using product or document biometrics to guarantee its authenticity. Running on the latest generation of Android or Apple® smartphone, SAFE requires no additional accessories or specific devices to the smartphone.

    With this innovative application, No additional codes, RFID chip or printing on the product are required to authenticate it – it is its own security.

    With SAFE, the brands can now provide their consumers with a powerful and easy to use solution to check product authenticity, allowing in store product control at any place and any time. SAFE will strengthen the bond of trust between brands and consumers.

  • X'track™

    X'track™ is a software solution for product serialisation, track and trace, and consumer interaction. The serialisation allows each product to by uniquely identified through a secured code, printed as Datamatrix, QR code or Alphanumeric. Thanks to this unique code, X'track™ is able to track and trace the product throughout the supply chain from start to finish.

    The code can also be used by the brand to enhance the consumer experience and interaction with the product: marketing one-to-one, collection of marketing data, and targeted sales offers. By implementing X'track™, brands will turn each offering into a smart and unique product, allowing full traceability, unique extended consumer experience and collection of marketing data.

    X'track™ is one the strongest solutions to fight against product parallel markets and counterfeits.

  • SpotTag®

    SpotTag® is a high-security chemical marker that is only detectable using a special reader for incontestable product authentication. It is compatible with all printing technologies, as well as all types of inks and varnishes. This technology is intended to be used with all types of packaging, products and documents, without modifying the composition of the material.

    SpotTag® is undetectable to the naked eye, even under ultraviolet or infrared light. The chemical marker is totally unique, making reproducing it impossible. SpotTag™ delivers an unambiguous result instantly, with the reader determining a YES/NO authentication answer.

    SpotTag® is one of the strongest authentication solutions on the market to fight against counterfeiting and is already protecting billions of products worldwide.

  • STES™

    STES™ is a synthetic secured tamper-evident substrate, enabling a product's integrity and authenticity to be promptly verified. Owing to its high-performance security coating and outstanding technical properties, STES™ is highly suitable for applications requiring adhesive labels with authentication and tamper-proof functions. The security coating is a fast and reliable authentication solution. STES™ can be used to create labels and protect products from tampering.

  • GhostTag™

    GhostTag™ is an invisible security ink used to authenticate product and packaging. It is a security printing solution completely invisible to the naked eye. Unlike traditional fluorescent 'invisible' security printing, only a handheld reader is able to reveal markings from this technology.

    In addition, GhostTag™ cannot be viewed using infrared or ultraviolet lights, ensuring products have complete protection invisibly. It provides instant verification and authentication of the marker used on the label.

Results & References

Arjo Solutions


Domino Printing Sciences PLC, has acquired an international reputation thanks to its innovative marking and traceability technologies, meeting the needs of industrial companies and the market’s quality standards.

HUECK FOLIEN develops and produces tailor-made products for the self-adhesive industry, premium lamination films as well as high security features.

Arjowiggins Security has been specialized for more than 400 years in manufacturing security paper for official documents. Over the years it has diversified its activities to meet the constantly changing requirements of customers and markets.

Arjo Systems provides e-ID solutions that rapidly adapt to your local environment, at the same time complying with the most stringent international standards.

Sleever International has enjoyed thirty five years of growth thanks to its dual approach of constant innovation twinned with rigorous industrial management, enabling it to raise the humble sleeve – a heat-shrinkable plastic label – to the rank of a major technology.

Apirasol develops innovative tools that help brands to solve complex brand protection challenges online, especially counterfeiting and illicit trade. Compared to multiple online brand protection vendors, Apirasol focuses on detection of new counterfeits and the source of counterfeiting.

ATLANTIC ZEISER is a leading provider of sophisticated serialization, personalization, customization and track & trace solutions.

TIFLEX operates in 4 market sectors: Marking, Identification and Coding // Vehicle Registration and Identification // Digital Serigraphy and Printing // Paper

SMAG is a French company based in Savigny sur Orge, Paris – France. SMAG manufactures and resells printing and converting equipment for self-adhesive labels and flexible packing in the narrow web industry.

Cognex Corporation is the leading worldwide supplier of vision systems, vision software, vision sensors and surface inspection systems used to automate manufacturing processes.

CAIT (Coalition against illicit trade) aims to foster enhanced co-operation among stakeholders, share best practice, and discuss practical solutions to solve issue around illicit trade.

Every year, GS1 France enters into close partnerships with trade organizations, federations and universities that it works with as part of its activities related to traceability standards.

UNIFAB Union des fabricants
The Union of Manufacturers (UNIFAB) is a French association whose aim is to defend intellectual property internationally. 

About Arjo Solutions

Arjo Solutions, security expert, designs and delivers solutions for physical and digital identification, authentication and traceability of products and documents to enable its customers to fight against fraud, counterfeiting and parallel markets.. By supporting private companies and governments for over 15 years, Arjo Solutions has become a major market player in brand protection, tax collection, as well as securisation and identity documents protection.

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73375 Le Bourget du Lac

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