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Authentication allows secure traceability, on line verification and authentication of products. There is a wide array of Security Solutions Providers offering numerous technologies in a wide range of prices. Find out who they are, where they are being used and what results have been achieved with them.



Security Solution Technology: Hologram , Stamp


Industries: Food & Beverages , Forgery
Country / Region: Armenia


  • Security Hologram in Sheet/Roll Form

    The holograms are supplied in sheet form suitable for manual application. Each Sheet is serially numbered for proper accountability of the holograms. There is no gap required between two holograms for square and rectangular hologram with sharp edge corners, but a gap of 3 mm is required for circular and rounded corner holograms.

    Can be used for: Brand Protection, Document Protection, Brand Promotion,and much more.

  • Security Printing

    Technological safeguards and managerial procedures which can be applied to computer hardware, programs and data to assure that organizational assets and individual privacy are protected.

    Protected design, security paper, holographic labels, special paints exclude the falsification of printed materials. Passports, ID cards, certificates, visas, excise stamps, cheque books, post stamps, holographic scratch-off lottery tickets, Government documents etc.

Results & References

AM-PG GROUP Ltd. is a holder of multiple international awards, including Best New Innovation Winner in Tax Stamps Awards 2015, Best New Innovation Winner in Tax Stamps Awards 2014 and Best Design in Tax Stamps Awards 2015.


AM-PG GROUP specializes in the area of Security Printing and Commercial Printing.

Adhesive labels in roll and sheet, specialty for the electronic area, warrantee seals – security holograms, anti-counterfeiting labels, anti-counterfeit sleeves, excise stamps, passports, banknotes, plastic cards, identification systems, brand protection and track&trace turn-key solutions, Government revenue-increasing solutions, security-protected certificates and government documents, patented products are just a few examples of what we can deliver. The quality is guaranteed by the use of latest generation machinery, tight security in place, strictest standards of control and inspection of the entire production process and delivery of the product to the customer.

We work with Governments, financial institutions, private local, national and multinational companies.

Contact Information

Yerevan (Headquarters)

82 Bagrevand str
Yerevan 0062
Republic of Armenia

Tel. +37410 648 229 / +37410 643 843
Fax. + 37410 643 463


Druzstevni 8/1395
140 00 Prague 4
Czech Republic

Tel. + 420 222 769 862
Fax. + 420 227 203 941


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