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Allexis s. r. o.

Allexis s. r. o.

Security Solution Technology: QR Code , Stamp
Industries: Tobacco , Food & Beverages
Country / Region: Slovakia


  • Tax Stamp Management and Control System

    The Tax Stamps Management and Control System (TSMCS), is the complex information system that manages the entire lifecycle of each tax stamp. The purpose of TSMCS is the elimination of tax fraud in the field of consumer taxes on alcohol and tobacco products that should potentially increase the revenues coming into the state budget, together with elimination of fake and harmful products from the market.

    The TSMCS introduces the digital security into the usage of tax stamps on alcohol and tobacco products in the form of unique QR code on each tax stamp. Based on the QR code, the information system is a holder of the defined information, for example in case of alcohol products it is the name, the name of producer / importer, volume, alcohol content in percentage and the picture for visual comparison after scanning the code. Several interconnected modules cover the whole process, starting from ordering the tax stamp by distributors and importers, throughout the printing and distribution management, and the control of the stamps by the revenue authorities.

Results & References

Allexis s. r. o.

There are several partnerships with the various companies that are providing the SW development and SW security solution in the field of tax stamp and brand protection.

The TSMCS has been presented at various international events in Slovakia and also abroad. The system is being constantly improved. For example lately we increased the physical protection features on tax stamps by applying the intaglio technology. There are going to be other products (electronic cigarettes) included into the TSMCS very soon in Slovakia.

The TSMCS has been successfully implemented in Slovakia, and it has been working for over past two years. There are over 1, 1 billion of tax stamps managed by the TSMCS currently. Thanks to the new tax stamps with the QR code, preventive effect and increased efficiency of controls, there has been achieved annual increase of consumer taxes on alcohol and tobacco products in the volume of nearly 20 million €. Over this period only 2 low quality fake tax stamps has been found by the state authorities, what is significantly less than during the previous years.

About Allexis s. r. o.

We are a consulting company with years of experience focusing on business and IT solutions. Our mission is to develop integrated software solutions which allow us to help our clients. These are custom created for state administration authorities, business entities as well as common people. Besides effective elimination of illegal activities, they also bring a number of other benefits in the form of time and financial savings, increased effectiveness of business processes as well as increased security of financial transactions. Software tools from Allexis are based on the latest technologies and tested in production operation in the Slovak Republic.

Contact Information

Allexis s. r. o., Staré Grunty 1/B, 841 04 Bratislava, Slovakia
Phone: +421233000611

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