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Advanced Track & Trace

Advanced Track & Trace

Security Solution Technology: Hologram , Stamp , Security Ink
Country / Region: France


  • Seal Vector®

    Suitable for all printing and marking processes as well as materials and supports on which they are marked, Advanced Track & Trace® digital authentication solutions from the Seal Vector® range can be overt, covert, discrete, integrated into logos, images or text.

    The Seal Vector® authenticating codes provide three main functions:
    - Allow a third party to affix a sign attesting his property on a physical support.
    - Identify this support with a code, non-readable and non-decypherable without the appropriate rights.
    - Distinguish the original symbol from a reproduction.

    In addition, codes are an important encrypted content which ensures traceability. These codes, generated on a server, are transmitted by ATT to its clients via a secure computer network. ATT also supplies printing services to its clients.

    Advanced Track & Trace® codes are used to authenticate unmistakably any support, to identify it unitarily, securely and regardless of the production process.

  • HoloSeal®

    Developed in partnership with security solutions leader Andrews & Wykeham, HoloSeal® ensures the strong authentication based on a unique, highly secure holographic technology.

  • DifractSeal®

    This technology hides a nanostructure code on any material that can only be revealed to the naked eye using a complex optical effect. It provides visual authentication associated with expert authentication while remaining inseparable from the product.

  • Addink®

    Through its mastery of nanotracers, Advanced Track & Trace is able to enhance its materials database in order to meet the needs for authentication, identification and integrity protection, in an original and durable way. Advanced Track & Trace® supplies smart coatings, special inks and nanotracers to meet the demands of harsh environments (temperature, humidity, etc.) and the highest operational constraints.

    A result of developments in chemical physics, Addink® is an invisible ink compatible with all the printing and marking processes, and undetectable by conventional means (ultraviolet, infrared, etc.).

  • Token Vector®

    The Token Vector® code by Advanced Track & Trace® is a random, encrypted, alphanumeric code containing information related to the context of production. It is generated by a secured device, guaranteed to be unique, and injected into the production processes at very high speed. It can be used with or without a database.

    The Token Vector® code can be used for first-level identification applications associated with machine-readable codes.

  • SealCrypt®

    The SealCrypt® code developed by Advanced Track & Trace® is a secure data container designed to store a large amount of information in a small-sized, non-modifiable code.

    Suitable for all printing processes (from office printers to offset), and readable locally by any smartphone using a dedicated application, the SealCrypt® code helps fight against the forgery and tampering attempts of sensitive documents.
    SealCrypt® is used to check the integrity of variable visible information compared to the encrypted information. It also allows the client to embed additional, confidential information intended for authorized personnel.

    SealCrypt® is readable by non-dedicated tools (smartphones, flatbed high speed scanners, passport readers, etc.).

  • SealStamp®

    The SealStamp® code is able to incorporate secure and strategic information in any graphic element: logo, photo, picture... It replaces bulky 2D, machine-readable codes with discrete elements consistent with graphic charters.

    Suitable for all printing processes (from office printers to offset), and readable locally by any smartphone via a dedicated application, the SealStamp® code helps fight against sensitive documents' forgery and tampering.

    Regarding the variable expansive processes, the SealStamp® code is able to incorporate and verify the integrity of unitary information in each graphic element.
    SealStamp® is readable using non-dedicated tools (smartphones, flatbed high speed scanners, passport readers, etc.).

    It is also used in Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Results & References

Advanced Track & Trace


Institutional Partners

- GS1
- Bureau Veritas
- Direction de la cooperation internationale
- CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research)
- Institut National du DEsign Packaging
- ICC Commercial Crime Services

Partner in Japan

- Dig group

About Advanced Track & Trace

Advanced Track & Trace® supplies industries and governments with field-proven authentication, identification, secure traceability tools and dependable third-party infrastructures to control and drastically reduce the risks.

As an expert company, Advanced Track & Trace® works with customs authorities and international groups in all activity sectors and regions sensitive to illicit trade: alcohol, tobacco, wines and spirits, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, spare parts, food, and luxury.

Thanks to over ten years of collaborations with governments and major international banks, Advanced Track & Trace® has become a leading player in the protection of banknotes, tax documents and sensitive documents using digital technologies.

The solutions developed by Advanced Track & Trace® is able to securely identify citizens: ID cards, visas, passports, licenses, and badges.

Advanced Track & Trace® supplies institutions, banks, and companies with reliable ways to authenticate, identify, trace, and protect integrity.

Advanced Track & Trace® is a subsidiary of the French group LAMY.


Contact Information

Rueil Malmaison (Headquarters)

99 avenue de la Châtaigneraie
92500 Rueil Malmaison

Tel. +33 1 47 16 64 72
Fax. +33 1 47 51 47 72


11 rue Alessandro Volta
33700 Mérignac

Tel. +33 5 57 22 30 67

Hong Kong

21/F, On Hing Building
1 On Hing Terrace
Hong Kong

Tel. +852 3971 9150 (Hong Kong)
Tel. +86 188 7879 7952 (China)

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