Illicit Trade affects cost governments billions of dollars in forgone revenues and is one of the main enablers of corruption. Find out what governments are doing to protect themselves against Illicit Trade on a legislative or technological level and what results they are achieving with the measures implemented.

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Comité National Anti-Contrefaçon - CNAC

The National Anti-Counterfeiting Committee (CNAC), public-private partnership that aims to strengthen the exchange of information and best practices, coordinate concrete actions and to formulate new proposals. Created in 1995, it brings together industrial and artistic associations, professional associations, businesses and administrations involved in combating counterfeiting.


French Initiatives to Prevent and Combat Cyber-Counterfeiting

A communication campaign is organized each year in the south of France in order to sensitize the general public. The aim of the campaign is to make consumers more aware of the consequences of online counterfeiting and to support the public authorities during their operations. The campaign was carried out under the aegis of the CNAC in conjunction with the French Customs Authority, INPI and UNIFAB (the Union of Manufacturers for the International Protection of Intellectual Property).


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